Working Through the Loan Process

1. What types of loans are offered?

We specialize in providing Payday Loans - which means that our website contains a list of probable lenders. These lenders may be banks or other third parties. They would provide short term cash loans. You must have a regular source of income to obtain the Payday loan. The loan amount may range from $100 to $1,500 depending on your ability to repay and the submitted online application information.

2. What are these loans commonly known as?

These loans are commonly known as payday loans, check cashing, cash advances, deferred deposits, cash advances, short term loans etc. However, all these names are used to refer to the process of obtaining a fast loan at the time it is needed.

3. How important is it to have a bank account?

It is one of the eligibility criteria - having either a bank account or a savings account to obtain a payday loan.

4. Can I apply for a payday loan even if I am unemployed?

No, you need a regular source of income so as to obtain a payday loan.

5. Can I apply for payday loan if I am in the military service or self-employed?

Yes, you can.

6. Am I eligible for the payday loan while being on social security?

Yes, you need to specify “Social Security Administration” as an employer in the application form.

7. I live in Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia or West Virginia. Can I also apply for a cash advance?

In these states, payday loans are not applicable but financial help is still extended. The lenders in our databases will respond to your application with the best possible speedy financial assistance that can be processed approximately in an hour.

8. What are the loan approval requirements?

Requirements are lender specific, but some general requirements are listed below-
• An income of about $750.0 per month
• Recent contact details
• Recent employment status
• Current bank account and bank details

9. What is the approval process?

After submission of the application, the decision for providing the loan is left to the lenders. The approval process does not take much time. After the approval, the financer provides you with the terms and conditions related to the repayment process. Then it is up to you to decide whether to take the loan or not. You can apply to many lenders and choose the best option as per your requirements.

10. What are my chances to avail the payday loan after I apply online?

The instant evaluation of your application is the prime advantage of applying online. If the lender finds you eligible after processing your application, you are offered the terms and conditions. Now it’s entirely your decision to accept or decline the offer. You can choose the multiple lender option too and can go with the best deal.

11. Is it mandatory to provide bank routing and account number?

Yes, this is because the money can only be wired through bank routing and account number by your online lender. In case you are not aware of the routing number, then you may contact your bank for it.

12. In case I don’t have a check book but have a check-card instead, then how would I be able to know my bank routing number?

You have to contact your bank for the bank routing number as these numbers are printed on the checks only.

13. What’s the maximum processing time for getting the loan sanctioned?

With payday loans, it’s just a matter of seconds! No sooner than you fill the online form, you are contacted by the lender on the basis of your eligibility. And once the deal is finalized between you and the lender, your bank account will be credited with the amount. It hardly takes an hour to get the things done.

14. What if I have a bad credit history?

We still have a place for you. Many lenders on our board offer fast cash advances regardless of the credit score of the borrower.

15. Will my request for a loan be operated upon after a credit check only?

Lenders generally do not perform credit checks using reporting bureaus like Experian, Equifax, or Trans Union. But to verify your social security number and review your information, the lender may track your information in the national databases such as Teletrack, DP Bureau or DataX.

16. What’s the maximum amount that I can borrow using this scheme?

You can borrow any amount ranging from $100 to $1500. However, this would depend upon your application and the lender. To avail the maximum loan amount, you can opt for the multiple lender option and select the one that offers you the highest amount and best deal.

17. What is the next step after filing for a payday loan?

After you submit your application, generally you will be contacted via email instantly. Make sure that you have checked your spam/junk mails too.

18. How can I check about my payday loan submission status?

An instant mail is usually sent to all applicants regarding their application status. Sometime, the applicants are also contacted through phone regarding the status.

19. What’s the cost accrued with a payday loan?

We provide you with free service. However, the lender providing you the loan would come up with a service fee along with other charges. You will get the details about all the fees in the terms and condition forwarded to you by the specific lender.

20. What’s the time bond for the repayment of loan?

It’s not a long-term loan. As the name suggests, Payday loans are to be paid as soon as you get your next paycheck. But sometimes, your lender can also offer you other flexible repayment options.

21. Is the lender allowed to withdraw the amount that I owe him as the loan?

Legally, the lender is authorized to withdraw the amount from your bank account as is mentioned in the loan agreement.

22. Can you help me with the company that is extending the cash loan?

No, we can’t provide you with any information of this sort as we are completely unaware of your loan information. You can contact your lender for any queries regarding this issue.

23. Can you provide me with the contact details of my lender?

No, we don’t provide any sort of contact details of any lender. You can check the e-mail forwarded by lender for the same.